Foot Injuries

Plantar Fasciitis:

Catchall phrase used to describe pain along the inside arch and heel. Increased pain occurs upon the first few steps in the morning or after prolonged sitting.  Plantar fasciitis can occur in individuals with poor foot biomechanics (excessive foot pronation), decreased flexibility and strength in the surrounding musculature.  Ice massage and rolling the foot over a rolling pin may help reduce pain and irritation. Proper shoe wear and walking analysis should be addressed as well.

Turf Toe:

Repetitive overuse or trauma to the Big Toe, causing the toe to hyperextend. This condition can be very painful, especially with walking or recreational activities involving stop and go movements. Orthotics may help decrease the pain limiting the toe’s movement. Ice and anti-inflammatories will also help reduce pain and swelling to the joint.

Morton’s Neuroma:

A mass of tissue that surrounds the nerve sheath of the nerves that innervate the toes. It commonly occurs between the third and fourth toes and can cause burning, numbness, and tingling to the toes. Proper shoe wear is a must to avoid compressing the toes. Ice and anti-inflammatories will also help decrease the inflammation surrounding the nerve.