“I am willing to say that because of the therapy I received at OPT, I feel much better. I barely could move my head to the left side. My muscles were so tight and swollen that I was in a lot of pain. I woke up in pain, went to sleep in pain, but now I am feeling 100% better. I will continue on my route to full recovery. I’d recommend OPT to all my friends and family.”– Peter B.

“When I first came in for therapy, I was on crutches and wearing a knee brace. After 12 sessions of physical therapy, I no longer need crutches to walk and don’t need my brace at all. The excellent treatment I received from the staff at OPT is sincerely appreciated. I am grateful to be back on my feet and back to work thanks to them.” – Steven D

“When I went to Orlando Physical Therapy, I was pretty discouraged and worn out from my chronic pain due to a shoulder injury that required surgery. I was greeted by friendly and concerned staff who set me on the road to a speedy recovery.” – Andros L

“I just wanted to send a note of thanks for the great progress with my neck, shoulder and arm pain. I came to Orlando Physical Therapy with severe pain in my neck, shoulder and left arm. With your caring treatments we were able to alleviate my pain. Your spot on methods to control the pain with posture correction and exercises to relieve the muscle strain and tension, worked within just a few short weeks. Since working at the computer is my primary job, I needed a solution that works now and in the future. You have given me the tools to rid myself of this problem for good!! Thanks so much for all your help.” – Brian B.

“I am pregnant and reaching my last few weeks before child birth. My physical therapist, helped me tremendously with the aches, pains, and complications of my pregnancy. Physical Therapy really works! Thanks!” – Jessica S.

“My experience at Orlando Physical Therapy has been very positive! Barney set up a customized program for me and I have been improving with every session. OPT is very upbeat and cheerful, even my attitude has improved along with my strength! I really like the individual attention given to me. Great therapist! Very friendly and knows his job! Seems to really care about my personal welfare. I know that the therapy is helping me to achieve my goal of “walking again”, after being confined to a wheelchair and power chair for over a year. I have been taking therapy for over 2 months now and I know it has greatly improved my strength! Thank you OPT!!” – Sarah M.

“I developed left arm pain and initially was diagnosed with tendinitis. I ended up with a “frozen shoulder” (adhesive capsulitis). After Chiropractor, acupuncture, herbs, massages and kinesiotherapy, my condition failed to improve. Then I went to Orlando Physical Therapy. With the help of their excellent, caring and experienced staff, my frozen shoulder has improved by 90% after only a couple months of treatment. Their stretching and exercise techniques targeted and strengthened my weak area and allowed deep healing to occur. I strongly recommend using their services in ways to avoid surgery or for post surgery as they are experts in their field.”  – Carl F.

“I was in constant pain from arthritis and two herniated disks. I spent years going to physical therapists and chiropractors, who further injured me through their treatments in addition to telling me I should give up running. Barney tailored his program to my individual needs—it was through a combination of his therapy and the training with the Exercise Physiologist at OPT, that I’m able to run again and sleep through the night without pain for the first time in years. They are the best.” – Frank H.